Big Don Band
Southern Fried Rock'n'Roll

This band was started originally in 2001. It has undergone several line- up changes and even names in that time. But the band finally settled in almost seven years ago, when front man Don Spurlin (Big Don) met drummer Elden Kasimer. Both have been musicians from childhood and know how the job of being in a band works. From there the band worked on the sound and finally got it right with the addition of Paul Kendricks on Bass. With a love of music from all over the south, the band chooses not to wear a label like country or southern rock or blues. Instead it's an all inclusive melting pot of all these types of music. If you ask the boys in the band they will tell you their music is simply, Southern Fried Rock'n'Roll. A collection of tones and shades of the south poured into a blend of pure energy that takes on its own breath.

Though the band has played mainly covers since the start,  they have always put forth their own tunes in the mix. With one album, Bad Luck (2010 self released) under their belt, the band has already started work on their new album scheduled to release later this year. So be on the look out!

The Big Don Band is for certain here to stay. Built on the foundations of southern music, these musicians in no way plan to be defined by those foundations. The band touts the same motto alot of their hero's before them adopted. You pick up the music and take it with you. Make it yours and carry it on down the road. Will you follow us down that road?